Staff Directory
Mrs. Janice Henson
Mr. James Dutch
Assistant Principal
Mr. James Phipps
Mrs.Penny Angle/ Ms. Suzy Driggers
Pre-K teachers
Mrs. Sheila Jackson / Ms. Beverly Whitt
Kindergarten teachers
Mrs. Daphne Bryant
1st Grade
Miss Leann Grant
1st and 2nd Grades
Mrs. Dianne West
1st Grade
Mrs. Cathy Craven
2nd Grade
Mrs. Ann Cranford
3rd Grade
Ms. Cherie Porter  2nd Grade 
Ms. Bettina McNeil
Reading Coach
Mrs. Alicia Childers
3rd Grade
Ms/ Ashley Shoemake 3rd Grade 
Ms. Lakeedra Cannon
4th Grade
Mrs. Gail Crawford
4th Grade
Ms. Allison Becker 4th Grade
Mrs. Debbie Elmore
5th  and 6th Grades - English/Language Arts
Mrs. Penny Cox
5th  and 6th Grades - Math
Mrs. Dale Gilchrist 5th and 6th Grades - Social Studies
Mr. Frankie English 5th and 6th Grades  - Science
Ms. Taylor Gross 7th and 8th Grades SS
Ms. Kay Haire  7th and 8th Grades - Math
Ms. Roxanne Wisdom
7th and 8th Grades - Science
Ms. Carol Jones-Sullivan 7th and 8th Grades ELA
Ms. Jessica Godfrey
Visual Arts
Mr. Phillip Blue
Physical Education/Fit4Life
Mrs. Mary Anderson
Library Media Specialist
Ms. Paula Teal/Ms. Kristen Crump
Special Services Teachers - Exceptional Children
Ms. Marilyn Harrington
Parenting Coordinator
Ms. Jane McLaurin Band and Music        
Ms. Crystal Hewett  Master Teacher
Ms. Cheryl Brigman  Master Teacher