Mrs. Karen Beecher-Johnson

Hello My Name Is...

Mrs. Karen Johnson
7th & 8th Grade Social Studies

Mrs. Johnson

I have a warm friendly personality and I am a hard working individual. I am a lover of people and will go the extra mile to help them. I am driven by the passion for excellence. I strive always to give my best.

My childhood experience was fun. I enjoyed going to the river to swim and fish. I enjoy the natural environment! Later in life, I attended Happy Grove High School, Mico Teacher's College, and the University of the West Indies at  Mona all in Jamaica.

Class Schedule
7:45-8:00                                              Homeroom
8:00-9:00                            WEMS Hour/Enrichment
9:00-10:10          7th Grade Social Studies (Group 1)
10:10-11:15        7th Grade Social Studies (Group 2)
11:15-12:15                                              Planning
12:15-12:30        8th Grade Social Studies (Group 1)
12:30-1:00                                                    Lunch
1:00-2:00            8th Grade Social Studies (Group 1)
2:00-3:10            8th Grade Social Studies (Group 2)

Contact Information
Phone: (843) 537-7493